Mind Over Mushroom is a turn-based tactics game where movement isn't locked to a grid

A battle in fungues-covered, ancient ruins Glowing mushrooms in a cave Battle in the Pumpkin Patch Mage casting a fireball at an enemy character
Available now on Steam!
Non grid-based movement in the jungle Pumpkin Patch Non grid-based movement along narrow sea cliffs Ruins consumed by fungus
Several characters getting attacked by a powerful boss ability on a tropical island map A battle deep in a cave, surrounded by glowing mushrooms. Battle map featuring a windmill atop a strategic overlook Overworld
Some of the character types, including the mage, giant snail, traveler, and tar slime Several different characters, including the swashbuckler, marauder, and carnivorous plant A few of the different types of characters, including the rifleman and stone golem Wetlands
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